Structural Repair

We’ve been performing structural repairs and waterproofing for 38 years. We fix structural concrete, wood framing, balconies, decks, roof trusses, heavy timber beams, engineered lam-beam components, and more.

We work on historic structures, condominiums, hotels, homes, factories, schools, stadiums, parking garages, and more.

Balcony Repair

Structural Restoration, Inc. was a pioneer in the concrete balcony repair field and we do more wood balcony repairs in Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota, and West Central Florida than anyone we know.

We also remove and replace railings, repair and replace sliding glass doors, slope and level them to make them drain better, and install decorative finishes.

Concrete Repair

We repair structural concrete balconies, beams, columns, walkways, decks, foundations, plaza decks, parking garages, towers, floors, lintels, sills, and more.

We do Carbon Fiber Reinforcing, epoxy injection, crack repair, toppings, sloping and leveling, We install expansion joints and many other types of specialty work.

Waterproofing Caulking and Painting

We install all types of Caulking, Sealants, Sealers, Coatings, Flashings and Membranes. We have used Dynamic-Electro Injection to stop water in basements of historic buildings. We can do any type of water damage repairs, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Masonry and Stucco Repair

We’re one of the few contractors who can make any repairs or adjustments to brick, block, and stucco walls to restore their functionality and appearance. We repair or replace lintels and window sills or any other masonry component of your building.

Roof Repair and Restoration

We fix any portion of a building to stop leaks or repair water damage, including roof repair and restoration. We’ve had 38 years of experience fixing all parts of any type of man-made structure, including homes, condos, historic buildings, water treatment plants, bridges, etc.

Wet Floor Repair

We’ve been fixing wet floors for years. There are many reasons a floor may be wet. Most contractors don’t know how to correct the problems, we do.

Structural Repairs and Waterproofing in Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Bradenton Beach, Sarasota, St. Pete Beach, Madeira Beach, Redington Beach, Longboat Key, Lakeland, and all of West Central Florida

We make it easy for you

Solutions and Pricing to meet your budget

We handle Testing, Permitting, and discount Engineering, if needed or we can bid to your design professionals’ specifications

Flexible Scheduling to make your life easier

Speak with our Estimators or Project Managers, no salesmen

We answer your questions without trying to sell you

We Email Proposals. We don’t insist on sending a salesperson to present and get a signature


We offer the same professional services to our residential clients as we do to our Commercial, Institutional and Government clients.

Commercial Clients Include:

Office Buildings, Department Stores, Warehouses, Churches, Defense Contractors.


We work for many of the best condominiums and property Management companies in central and west Florida

Government Clients Include:

Schools, water treatment plants, Historic Buildings, Jails, Piers, Bridges, Pumping stations, etc.