Waterproofing describes a broad range of activities, most of which are not performed by the majority of waterproofing contractors. In fact, very few companies can perform many of the tasks necessary to waterproof a building like we can.

A building is not a building until it has a roof. Without a roof you only have a courtyard and yet most waterproofing companies can’t address the roof.

“Full Service” waterproofing companies like Structural Restoration, Inc. often have to make large or unusual repairs to the structure or surface before they attempt to do the waterproofing.

A plaza Deck job we did needed the drains lowered, door thresholds raised, deck sloped, expansion joints installed, planters fixed, a Sika Sarnafil sheet membrane and then pavers.

A church steeple tower job we did needed a new roof, installation of ventilation grills, new steeple, masonry repairs and coatings.

Waterproofing can be simple. Like caulking a window, fixing a wall crack or adjusting the grade at the wall. These simple things don’t cost much but doing them right is the key to success.

We’ve found; most “simple jobs” are done wrong. The patching materials are almost never applied thick enough and sealants are installed without bond-breakers.