Bellaire Beach Wood Balcony Repair and Waterproofing

Bellaire Beach Wood Balcony Repair

This Bellaire Beach, Wood Balcony Repair job on this home needed extensive structural repairs prior to the application of a Pli-Dek waterproofing system. It was needed to correct construction defects and subsequent water damage and to prevent future damage.

It required extensive demolition and replacement of an inadequate wood beam with a newly fabricated steel beam.

Structural Repairs included completely rebuilding the deck, framing, columns and supporting elements of this balcony and required modifying the design to meet current CODE

Often when we have to rebuild a balcony, there is no access for lifting equipment so we have to have lots of workers on site at those times we need to lift heavy components into place.

The Key to successful Balcony Repair and Waterproofing is tying all the various components of the structure together in a way that the building is able to remain waterproof for an extended time. Most leaks occur where dissimilar materials meet or where two trades end their work and there is no adequate transition.

Performing Wood Balcony Repair is especially sensitive to faulty construction practices which are the main source of leaks in buildings.

Because we do 99 percent of the work ourselves, we consistently provide long term success compared to other contractors who sub out many parts of their work.

Structural Restoration, Inc. has 37 years of experience providing Complete Building Repairs and provide “One Call” solutions to your building repair needs.

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